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Robert A. Moody II, CEO and Director . Mr. Moody, our CEO and Director is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in large scale business process transformations, technology transformations, M&A, outsourcing, in-sourcing, and post-transaction integration. He has led and participated in a dozen technology and enterprise transformations at Fortune 500 companies, and he has filled interim c-level executive roles during transformations to lead ERP migrations, financial system deployments, and building best-in-class procurement. He is the managing senior partner at Kiios, LLC, a consulting firm focused on leading M&A, technology, and business transformation initiatives for clients across a range of industries. Previously, he was a partner at Strause, Mesic & Company, a consulting firm specializing in IT strategy, business process outsourcing, and business process optimization (Lean Enterprise). He was a co-founder and general partner of SMS Corporation, a regional IT Outsourcing firm which was sold to Marconi PLC in 2000. Early in his career, he was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, as well as serving in management roles at financial services and healthcare firms. B.A., Computer Science, Pomona College; M.B.A., Finance and General Management, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. We believe that Mr. Moody’s broad transactional and investing experience across the information technology sector makes him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.

Greg Horowitt, Chief Strategy Officer . Mr. Horowitt, our Chief Strategy Officer is a Kaufman Fellow and a Senior Fellow with the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils. He has also been an adviser, speaker, and consultant to development organizations including the World Bank, US State Department, OECD, USAID, Aspen Institute, and the National Academies of Science, in addition to his work advising governments around the world on topics of economic development, venture capital formation, and innovation policy. He is the co-founder of Global CONNECT, a think tank based at the University of California, San Diego, focused on the development and growth of innovation clusters worldwide. Under his leadership, the Global CONNECT network grew to encompass more than 40 programs in 20 countries, all focused on accelerating global technology commercialization, and the Global CONNECT Summit, the annual gathering of best practice innovation organizations from around the world. Greg was formerly the interim Managing Director of CONNECT, an organization which is generally credited with San Diego’s success as a technology leader and which helped launch over 300 companies that raised over $600 million in early-stage funding and achieved over $12 billion in market capitalization. Greg has personally advised and mentored more than 200 companies. Prior to CONNECT, Greg’s life was as an entrepreneur and investor, having been involved with a number of Silicon Valley startups and venture capital firms, including serving as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Prior to that, he was the President and CEO of the Praetorian Group, a venture-backed software and online media company, and for nearly 20 years before that, he was an executive with a Berkshire Hathaway operating company. Greg served on the board member of CONNECT and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. He served as an adviser to InvestChile (CORFO) and Working Capital (Italy) venture capital investment programs, in addition to being an international mentor for the IBM Global Entrepreneur (SmartCamp) program. He serves on the UCSD Rady School of Management Venture Fund program’s high-tech investment committee. He currently teaches entrepreneurship at UC San Diego and venture design / capital formation at Stanford University. He was a Regents Scholar, and he holds a B.S., Biochemistry from University of California, San Diego.

J. Rune (JR) Sandell, Chief Financial Officer . Mr. Sandell, our Chief Financial Officer is a seasoned Finance executive who has served as CFO for companies in multiple industries including mortgage banking, software/hardware, pharmaceutical distribution, and others. He was a CFO for an Allianz business unit and was instrumental in divesting the operations via an outsourcing transaction. He began his career at Xerox Financial Services and has extensive experience working with multiple regulators and related reporting complexities. At Xerox he operated three Management General Agencies controlling in excess of $3.5 billion in liquid and illiquid assets. Member of Board of Directors – Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco & Silicon Valley for 6 years. B.S., Electrical Engineering, Hässleholms Tekniska Skola. M.B.A., Strategic Planning, Economic Planning and Control, Lund University School of Economics and Management. M.B.A., Finance, University of California, Riverside – A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Karl Stedman Jr., Business Development Leader . Mr. Steadman, our business development leader, joins us from our sponsor group, wherein he is a voting member. Karl is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led a series of startups, including PSTV, a positive media enterprise. Karl served in a business development role at Kiios, LLC from 2010 through 2014. Karl holds a BS in Business Administration and Management from Lewis & Clark state college.

Michael Berthelot, Director . Mr. Berthelot will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part and will serve as our non-executive Chairman and Chair of our Audit Committee. Mr. Berthelot has been a CEO at multiple public companies, including an aerospace firm. He has served on several boards, including Fresh Del Monte Produce, a $4.1B Fortune 1000 company. He teaches Corporate Governance at UCSD. Mike has extensive M&A experience, including more than 30 acquisition and/or divestitures during his tenures as CEO and additional large transactions while serving as a board member. He is a CPA, with extensive tax knowledge and expertise. B.S, Accounting, University of Akron. M.B.A., Cleveland State University. We believe that Mr. Berthelot’s broad transactional and investing experience across the aerospace industry makes him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.

Robert Jacobson, Director . Mr. Jacobson will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Mr. Jacobson is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, industry leader, and author with over ten years of experience advising private investors in the potential of the space sector. Robert was a principal with Space Angels, the first space-focused angel group in the world and the leading source of capital for aerospace startups. He cofounded The Aerospace & Defense Forum, a global aerospace and defense leadership community that currently consists of over 2,000 industry senior executives and professionals. In 2017, Robert became one of the first team members of Arch Mission Foundation and was subsequently part of the three successful space missions: the Solar Library payload in Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, now orbiting the Sun (via SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, 2018); the LEO Library, with the first English copy of Wikipedia in low Earth orbit (via a SpaceChain CubeSat, 2018); and the Lunar Library, a thirty-million-page archive on the Moon (via SpaceIL’s Beresheet Moon lander, 2019). B.M, Music & Business, University of Southern California. M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts. S.S.P, International Space University. We believe that Mr. Jacobson’s considerable investment and financial experience in the aerospace and defense sectors makes him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.

Vyomesh Joshi, Director . Mr. Joshi will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Mr. Joshi served as CEO for 3D Systems Corp. from 2016 to 2020, leading their turnaround efforts. Prior to 3D Systems Corp, he led HP’s printer division as EVP, increasing revenue from $19B to $28B. He has served on the boards of Yahoo, Wipro and Harris Corp (a defense technology company). VJ has substantial M&A experience, both in his role as CEO, and in his oversight role during the Harris/L3 merger ($12B). VJ’s career began in engineering, and he has played substantial roles in successful startups in both technology and healthcare. B.S., Engineering, L.D. College of Engineering. M.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ohio State University. We believe Mr. Joshi’s significant operation experience and experience as an engineer makes him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.

Scott Parzynski, M.D., Director . Dr. Parzynski will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part and will Chair our Compensation Committee. Dr. Parzynski is a hall of fame astronaut and has the distinction of being the only NASA astronaut who has both flown in space and climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. He is currently the CEO of Fluidity Technologies, a company designing state of the art 3D control systems. He is the author of “The Sky Below” and is a popular speaker at various events. B.S., Biology, Stanford University. M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine. He served his medical internship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School. He had completed 22 months of a residency program in emergency medicine in Denver, Colorado when selected for the NASA Astronaut Corps. We believe Dr. Parzynski’s significant operational experience and experience as an astronaut makes him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.

Lisa Rich, Director . Ms. Rich will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Ms. Rich is an investor, strategist, communicator and operator. She is founder and Managing Partner of Hemisphere Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on frontier tech: synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space. Hemisphere is a Top VC in the NewSpace sector and has invested in 200+ U.S. companies since 2014; their portfolio includes 20+ space companies including: Axiom Space, Umbra Lab, PlanetIQ and Made In Space (acquired by Redwire). Ms. Rich is also founder and Chief Operating Officer of Xplore, a commercial space exploration company providing low-cost access to space with missions to Earth orbit and beyond via their Xcraft, designed to orbit the Moon, Mars, Venus, Lagrange points and near-Earth asteroids. Her dedicated efforts to advance commercialization for the space industry include serving on the Board of Patrons for the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and representing her company Xplore as a member of the Space Enterprise Consortium. Ms. Rich holds a B.S. in English from Loyola University Chicago, and master’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. We believe Ms. Rich’s significant transactional and investing experience in space companies makes her well qualified to serve on our board of directors.

Gary Smith, Director . Mr. Smith will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Mr. Smith is a professor of economics at Pomona College. He has written (or co-authored) ten books and seventy-five academic papers on finance, sports, and statistical pitfalls. His research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Forbes, Motley Fool, Newsweek and BusinessWeek. He was a guest speaker on CNBC, and a keynote speaker at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC and the Mortgage Finance Industry Summit in New York City. B.A., Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College. D.P. (Ph.D.), Economics, Yale University. We believe Mr. Smith’s significant academic experience and experience in finance and economics makes him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.