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Dr. Joel M. Shulman has served as our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since inception. He also serves as the founder, managing director, and CIO of ERShares, a global asset manager with over 40 years’ experience investing in entrepreneurial publicly-listed companies. His more than 25 years of research at Babson College and author of a best-selling book developed while at Harvard University, led to the formation of a proprietary investment model and the Entrepreneur Factor. Dr. Shulman previously founded and sold The Shulman Review, a CFA test-prep company that trained thousands of investment professionals in many countries around the world. He has provided consulting services to the World Bank and helped facilitate capital market development in Central Asian states. Dr. Shulman appears frequently in the media on Fox Business, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, WSJ, Barrons and Forbes. He holds a Ph.D in Finance, CFA charter holder and an MPA from Harvard University. Dr. Shulman is well-qualified to serve as a Director due to his extensive experience professionally managing portfolios and consulting for major companies and the World Bank.

Eva Adosoglou has served as our Chief Operating Officer since inception. Since the beginning of 2021, she has served as COO and Chief Investment Strategist of ERShares, where she oversees portfolio investment strategies, innovative strategic initiatives, and overall operations. From October 2018 to July 2019, she served as COO for GetSalesClub, Inc. From May 2018 to September 2018, Ms. Adosoglou worked as an Innovation Manager for Wirecard GMBH. From December 2016 to April 2018, she worked as a Portfolio Analyst and Program Manager, Strategic Projects, for Incadea/COX Automotive Inc. In June 2016, she also served as the national CEO for Adecco Group. From April 2015 to April 2016, she was a Startup Co-Founder of Cosmocycle, Inc. for Google for Startups. From September 2011 to May 2013, she was a Financial Auditor for PwC. Ms. Adosoglou is a Fulbright scholar with strong leadership experience encompassing both multinational and start-up organizations throughout Europe and the United States. She speaks four languages, holds a Master’s in Business with focus in Innovation and Technology and is winner of multiple Entrepreneurship and Leadership competitions. Ms. Adosoglou’s deep experience in developing innovative products, scaling start-ups, and building partnerships in technology-based, nascent firm settings, provides unique positioning to evaluate potential investments. She has a passion for investing in public equities and female-led initiatives and created two new investment strategies: entrepreneur health care and technology as well as female-led entrepreneurs. She is a frequent guest on major business networks such as Bloomberg, TD Ameritrade, Fox Business and Yahoo Finance and is also active in building technologically enhanced, investment models and platforms for millennial investors and other FinTech solutions. She holds a B.A. from Athens University and a M.S. from Boston University.

Grant Grigorian has served as our Chief Financial Officer since inception. He is an internationally experienced finance leader having lived and worked on 5 continents. His operational finance experience, honed over a 30 year career at Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), included CFO positions in Ford’s South African and Argentine operations and as a global controller for vehicle development finance. He served in Ford Treasury during the height of the financial crisis in 2009, driving affiliates to develop cash preservation plans and actions to mobilize cash to the U.S. or other markets. Mr. Grigorian also served as strategy and business development lead for Ford’s Asia Pacific region, a position that included relationship management and negotiation with Ford’s Chinese and Japanese joint venture partners. He has also served on the boards of a number of Ford affiliates and joint ventures, including serving as audit committee member and chairman. Since leaving Ford, Mr. Grigorian has been COO/CFO for CarSaver, an automotive retailing technology company, from May 2018 to September 2018, and also CFO for National Automotive Experts/NWAN, a vehicle warranty distribution and administration company, from April 2019 to October 2020.

Kevin Cramton will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Mr. Cramton has served in CEO and Executive Chairman roles at 5 different businesses including technology companies in multiple geographies. Since December 2019, he has served as the Chairman and CEO of Tribar Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of automotive components. From January 2016 to August 2017, Mr. Cramton served as Executive Chairman of Atlantix Global Systems. From 2012 to 2015, he served as CEO of CARDONE Industries. From September 2011 to August 2012, he served as CEO to Revstone Industries, LLC (“Revstone”). In December 2012, Revstone filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. From 2009 to 2011, he served as Executive Chairman to Niles Co. Ltd. He has extensive M&A experience executing about 50 transactions with an enterprise value of $25 billion. He led Ford’s M&A activities for 5 years and has worked in private equity since January 2007. Mr. Cramton also has significant tech and financial services experiences, including overseeing Ford’s venture capital portfolio of technology assets and working in Ford’s Financial Service businesses. He has wide ranging Board experience at many different companies including multiple business sectors and geographies. Since June 2019, Mr. Cramton has served as a director of Southern AG Carriers Inc., a freight and logistics company. Since March 2017, he has served on the audit committee of Helmerich and Payne (NYSE:HP), a public oil and gas drilling company. Since August 2017, he has served as a director of TSM MFG. CO., INC. He previously served on the board of Asahi Tec, a Japanese company that previously traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Mr. Cramton is well-qualified to serve as a Director due to his extensive Board experience at many companies across multiple business sectors and geographies.

Siamak Taghaddos will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Since April 2021, he has served as an advisor to Perfect Holdings, a health foods company. Since 2016, he has served as founder and advisor of Smilebar, a dental company. Since 2018, he has served as founder and CEO of Clearworks, a SaaS company. From October 2018 to April 2021, he served as founder and director of SuperFat, a snack foods company. From 2009 to 2015, he served as founder and advisor of Chargify, a SaaS company. From 2003 to 2015, he served as founder and CEO of Grasshopper, a telecommunications company. He received a Bachelor of Science from Babson College. Mr. Taghaddos is well-qualified to serve as a Director due to his experience starting and operating multiple companies in various industries.

Jeffrey Mortimer will be one of our independent directors as of the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. Mr. Mortimer is the Director of Investment Strategy for BNY Mellon Wealth Management (NYSE: BK) and chairs its Investment Strategy Committee. Mr. Mortimer worked in various positions for Charles Schwab Investment Management (NYSE: SCHW) from September 1997 to July 2010, eventually becoming Chief Investment Officer. From 1986 to 1996, he also worked in several small, financial planning firms, serving high net worth clients, endowments, and families. Mr. Mortimer has received a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Babson College and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He is a CFA charter holder. Mr. Mortimer is well-qualified to serve as a Director due to his more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, including his experience at large, established financial institutions.